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A Green Card Application Takes Time


Whether you’re seeking to obtain a green card through the visa lottery system, a family member, or on the basis of your political status, green card applications can take a while to bring together.  From birth certificates and affidavits of support, to police records and financial statements, it can be easy to get lost amongst all the paperwork.

When you’re short on time and money, the last thing you need is an immigration medical that throws up more questions than answers.

Immigration Medicals are Carefully Regulated

  • Although immigration medicals can seem fairly routine, they do come with specific requirements that can be complicated to navigate without expert assistance. To ensure a fully compliant examination, the UCIS has implemented the following standards:Only UCIS-approved civil surgeons are qualified to administer these exams.
  • Patient identities are matched against all official records.
  • Patients are asked to provide official vaccination records that attest to their immunization histories. Ifthey’re unable to prove their vaccination through supporting documentation and blood tests then they have to re-vaccinated.
  • Various communicable diseases including: gonorrhoea, syphilis and tuberculosis are screened.
  • Patients are put through a comprehensive physical and psychological evaluation which tests you for indications of mental or physical disorders.
  • Drug abuse and addiction are tested for.
  • Even if you pass these measures, a chronic disability or illness could make you inadmissible.

Dr. Ali Provides the Expertise and Assistance You Need to Clear Your Immigration Medical


So many aspiring immigrants are left frustrated by the highly specific requirements of the I-693 form. From improper records, to missed checkboxes and medical denials a whole host of frustrating setbacks can add months to your green card application process.

If you’re facing up to the prospect of a failed or incomplete immigration medical then you need the assistance of a qualified civil surgeon that’s committed to delivering the right results.

As the primary physician at 2Day Immigration Clinic, Dr. Ali has guided thousands of green card applicants through the medical examination process. Dr. Ali is a UCIS-approved civil surgeon with over two decades of experience conducting immigration medicals. Armed with extensive experience, Dr. Ali can provide you with the expertise you need to guarantee success in even the most complex circumstances.

What You Can Expect From 2Day Immigration Clinic

  • On-site blood drawing and urine collection.
  • On-site X-rays
  • On-site vaccination referrals in case of missing documentation.
  • On-site PPF and TB skin testing.
  • On-site Gonorrhoea and syphilis screening.
  • On-site N-648 Medical Certification and Disability Exceptions physicals for qualified applicants
  • On-site provision of necessary medical waivers based on N-648 screening.
  • Complete transparency at every step in the screening process.
  • Provision of the latest USCIS I-693form, and assistance with completion of each field.
  • Market competitive pricing for general evaluation, and specific testing.



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