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Why Choose Us

As a USCIS-authorized Civil Surgeon, Dr. Alija Ali has performed immigration medicals for thousands of green card applicants from several different countries, over the past two decades. Based on this extensive experience, Dr. Ali and his staff have developed a screening routine that places the patient first, no matter what the circumstances are.

We understand that a rigorous, medical exam can seem like another daunting step in an already lengthy application process, with that in mind we’re committed to making your appointment with 2 Day Immigration Clinic, as quick and affordable as possible. At every step of your check-up, our team will be standing by to provide key insights, up-to-date information, and focused care, to ensure that your I-693 Form goes through without a hitch, the first time around

Reputation, Experience & Training

While most green card applicants manage to clear their immigration medical exam, the time and costs incurred can vary significantly. Issues caused by missing vaccinations, improper documentation and certain health complications can cause length delays in your case. With that in mind, the last thing you should do is trust this sensitive process, to the hands of an inexperienced or careless medical provider.

Dr. Alija Ali is a highly qualified physician with a long history of successful practice in family medicine, diagnosis and surgery. Over the course of his professional life he has held a number of highly respected positions in a number of medical bodies, serving as both the President of Total Health Care Medical Corporation and Medical Director of Urgent Care America, Inc at various points in his career. Alongside these accomplishments, Dr. Ali has amassed a wealth of knowledge about immigration and naturalization procedures from both a medical and official perspective.

To add to this unique skillset, Dr. Ali has gathered an equally dedicated staff of assistants and representatives around him at 2 Day Immigration Clinic to ensure the full confidence and trust of his patients before, during and after their medical exam.

A Range of Services under One Roof

No part of your immigration medical will be outsourced to other facilities or specialists. Whether you require additional vaccinations, waivers, or blood work, we’ll take care of all your requirements on-site, ideally within a 48-hour period. Our state-of-the-art facility includes X-ray and ultrasound machines, a working laboratory, and a range of advanced screening equipment all for your comfort and convenience.

Flexible Hours

Our offices are in operation Monday through Saturday, both before and after normal working hours. If you haven’t made an appointment then don’t worry, we’re set up to accept walk-in traffic with minimum waiting times as well. Our helpful customer service representatives can also be reached via phone, and through our online appointment system for added accessibility. Our aim is to be here for you, when you need as you need.

Comparison Chart


  • I-693 Forms completed within 2 days.
  • Accuracy 100% guaranteed.
  • Strong relationship with several leading Immigration lawyers and paralegals.
  • Available after hours and on weekends. 9 AM – 7 PM Monday – Friday: 9 AM – 2 PM Saturday.
  • No appointments necessary, walk-in visits welcomed.
  • In-house laboratory, X-Ray and vaccination services.
  • Fully printed I-693 forms to ensure maximum legibility.
  • A Multi-lingual staff that can speak: Hindi, Urdu, Arabic, English, Spanish, Albanian, Serbian, Croatian, and Russian.
  • Provision of all related physical forms on-site.
  • Continuous support throughout the Immigration Medical process.
  • Competitive and transparent 3-tier pricing package with special family pricing.
  • Same day X-Ray reports.
  • Expedited 24-hour immigration physical for last-minute patients*


  • I-693 Form and other related paperwork can take weeks to process with no guarantee of accuracy provided.
  • Few assurances mean more chances of lengthy case delays and even denials.
  • Offices only open during working hours, with no weekend timings available.
  • Testing, screening and X-rays referred to one or more off-site facilities resulting in significant delays.
  • Handwritten paperwork.
  • Bilingual or English-only staff.
  • Patients asked to bring in their own forms and paperwork.
  • Hidden up-front fees and additional charges.
  • X-rays and tests that take weeks to clear through a third-party service.
  • No additional services for patients.

What to Bring


To ensure a smooth, speedy medical examination, please bring the following items on your visit to our clinic:

  • From I-693 with Part 1 completed.
  • Vaccination records.
  • Copy of medical history.
  • Copies of any recent X-rays.
  • Letter from your primary care physician regarding your treatment plan for any chronic injuries or illnesses.
  • Photo identification.

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